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Founded in 2003, amonavi consulting group inc. helps organizations evolve and gets leaders on the fast track for results with a focus on:  behavioural change; change management and culture change.

A boutique consulting company, amonavi specializes in best practices in continuous improvement, creating solutions for organizations to reach their goals through effective leadership, enhanced communication and engagement strategies. 


Engagement strategies for employees, members or stakeholder groups.

Public meetings and workshops that engage stakeholders, who feel they have been heard and have made an impact.

Communication plans on projects with a high probability of public “push back”, facilitating clear messaging, including processes that value feedback.

Strategic planning sessions and “out of the box thinking” sessions for organizations, both in business and not-for-profit sector.

Customized training with a goal of “job readiness” at the end of the course.

Training seminars and courses for business professionals (e.g. sales training, negotiating, communication, speaking, presentations, leadership and customer service) as well as team building programs.

Group mentoring and group coaching sessions, designed for shared learning and alignment of new skills and behaviours, reinforcing culture change initiatives or transfer of knowledge.

Executive coaching to enhance leadership competency and gain advanced communication skills.

Effective communication of technical information (to a non-technical audience), including documentation, marketing messages and content review of presentations.


amonavi consulting group inc.

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